Every driver, automobile and owners particulars are different from each other. While your neighbor gets very attractive rates you may end up being charged large sums of money. In some cases you may even feel lucky to be able to find that expensive policy. This is largely due to risk levels and how have you been driving. When you have had a few accidents and traffic tickets you cannot expect auto insurers queuing to offer you great rates. You are lucky to find few of them willing to insure you.

Companies can classify drivers looking at risk levels. Usually, they group drivers as good, average and bad. Good drivers get offered the best rates possible and can get as low as half the premium of bad drivers. Average drivers would still enjoy good deals. But bad drivers would be hit the hardest with high premiums. Some companies may even prefer off loading them when the policy is due for renewal. Usually they don’t offer renewal terms of offer very high quotes.

The usual problems that makes the division between good and bad are traffic tickets and claims. When you have a few traffic tickets and claims you are expected to have another accident soon and that is why they don’t want to take a chance with you. These could be small incidents that you thought nothing of. But still if you are careless to have the accident in the first place it is only a matter of time that you will have another big one.

finding non-standard policiesSome problems are so serious that you don’t need to do them several times to be hit heavily. For example, if you drink, drive and get caught your license may be taken away from you. As soon as your insurer finds out about your DUI conviction they can cancel your policy with immediate affect. They can also refuse to pay your damages if you involved in an accident.

With a DUI you have only few places you can go for a new policy. Those would be non-standard insurers who are willing to consider higher risks. They may include special condition in your policy like getting a alcohol test device fixed onto your car so that you need to blow into the test kit to make sure you are not drunk. That would be the only way to get your car started.

Also there could be complications due to other factors like the area you live and they car you drive. When a vehicle is modified a lot or it is a well looked after classic they may require special policies to be arranged. They could have different wording on some sections and have various endorsements and conditions that make them non standard. A standard policy is the one can be bought by mot motorists with minimum or no modifications. These policies are sold off the shelf and as it is in most cases.

Standard policies are generally the cheapest ones. The more changes you require and the more complicated your situation is the higher premium gets. You can see standard policies as mass produced products we see every day. And non-standard policies can be seen as custom made clothes or other materials. The custom made items require more attention to detail and therefore they are expensive to buy. Also, they require certain skills to get it right the way customer wants.